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02 Apr

Internet speed

How to check your home/ office internet speed?

Simple go to SpeedTest and click Go.

50/20mbps speed service recommended for small-group users in the office, retail store.

Are you looking at ways to improve internet speed? Free consultation available.

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18 May

BizTel System Solutions

itj205&co. introducing the Business Telephone System for S.M.E.

BizTel Phone package offers;

17 Apr

Keep Files Organised on Computer

14 Apr

Australia Top 5 Cybercrime Facts 2018


$2.51 million was the average cost of a data breach in Australia in 2017, based on a study of 25 companies by the Ponemon Institute. These ranged from $0.89 million for a breach involving fewer than 10,000 compromised records up to $6.65 million for more than 50,000 records. The average cost per record was $139.


47,000 attacks were recorded by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) in 2016–17. More than half were malicious online scams or fraud, 15% more than the previous year, with 7,283 affected major businesses and 734 affected notable private sector organisations.


Business losses doubled from compromised emails in 2016–17. More than $20 million in losses were reported to the ACSC, an increase of more than 130% from 2015–16.


90% of businesses have been exposed to a data breach or threat, according to the ACSC, with 58% being compromised at least once.


24% of companies experience ransomware attacks every month. These take an average of 5 hours or longer to resolve.

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13 Apr

Current Real-World Trends Used to Launch New Threats

Ransomware infections grew 28% for businesses. Heard of cryptomining? If not, you better prepare your company, and Spyware continues to climb the charts.

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29 Nov

Display the Size of All your Folders in the Mac Finder Window

You can find out the size of an individual folder by choosing the File > Get Info command from the Finder menu or by pressing the ⌘ + I keyboard shortcut. There is also a way to display the size of all your folders in the Finder window’s size column (by default, the Finder displays — in the Size column).

Folder size in get info window

To do so, open a Finder window and choose View > Show View Options from the Finder menu or press the ⌘ + J keystroke combination. Click the checkbox next to Calculate All Sizes. This will caluclate the size of your folders and display it in the Size column.

Click the box next to calculate all sizes

If you wish to display the folder size in all your Finder windows, click the Use as Defaults button on the bottom of the View Options window.

Display folder sizes

25 Nov

VI Editor

vi Editing commands

Note: You should be in the “command mode” to execute these commands. VI editor is case-sensitive so make sure you type the commands in the right letter-case.

iInsert at cursor (goes into insert mode)
aWrite after cursor (goes into insert mode)
AWrite at the end of line (goes into insert mode)
ESCTerminate insert mode
uUndo last change
UUndo all changes to the entire line
oOpen a new line (goes into insert mode)
Delete line
Delete 3 lines.
DDelete contents of line after the cursor
CDelete contents of a line after the cursor and insert new text. Press ESC key to end insertion.
Delete word
Delete 4 words
cwChange word
xDelete character at the cursor
rReplace character
ROverwrite characters from cursor onward
sSubstitute one character under cursor continue to insert
SSubstitute entire line and begin to insert at the beginning of the line
~Change case of individual character

Make sure you press the right command otherwise you will end up making undesirable changes to the file. You can also enter the insert mode by pressing a, A, o, as required.

Moving within a file

You need to be in the command mode to move within a file. The default keys for navigation are mentioned below else; You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

kMove cursor up
jMove cursor down
hMove cursor left
lMove cursor right

Saving and Closing the file

You should be in the command mode to exit the editor and save changes to the file.

Shift+zzSave the file and quit
:wSave the file but keep it open
:qQuit without saving
:wqSave the file and quit
24 Nov

Web Application + Barcode Scanner Solution

Business web application with Barcode builtin.

Retailer, Warehouse and stock management.

06 Oct

Stay Smart Onlinea

Cyber attacks are real.


Last year, people had to pay to hackers over billion dollars from Report.

Do you need help? We make IT integration system to have full protection for your business today.

13 Aug

Tyro Eftpos system

Increase your efficiency and accelerate your growth


Delight your customer and streamline your back office with Tyro Smart EFTPOS terminals, integrated with all major POS/PMS systems. Take sub 1.6 seconds card payments with Tyro’s reliable Tap&Go EFTPOS machines, eliminate double data entries and re-keying errors, and benefit from seamless end-of-day reconciliation.

Smart Account

Approve batch bill payments out of Xero with a single touch on your smartphone1and have your banking and accounting seamlessly reconciled. All with a fee-free business account that earns you bonus interest. Now you can, with the Tyro Smart Account. Just link it to your existing bank account to get started.

Smart Growth Funding

Chosen Tyro customers will soon be offered immediately accessible unsecured business loans at a flat fee. Check out the upcoming Tyro Smart Growth Funding. See how easy it will be to accept Tyro’s business loan offers and to get the funds transferred to your Tyro Smart Account within minutes.

Find out more: https://www.tyro.com