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Intel Pentium Mobile

Performance # of Cores 2 Processor Base Frequency 2.16 GHz Cache 1 MB L2 Bus Speed 667 MHz FSB FSB Parity No TDP 35 W VID Voltage Range 1.075V-1.175V

$90 $59 inc GST

Intel Duo T24502GHz

Processor Number: T2450 Architecture: 65 nm Cache: 2 MB L2 Clock Speed: 2GHz Front Side Bus: 667 MHz

$260 $153 inc GST

Intel Duo T22501.73GHz

The Intel® Core™2 Duo processor is Intel’s second-generation mobile dual-core processor designed to deliver breakthrough performance and great power savings. With an Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology-based laptop with the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 MB cache, you can enjoy a greater than 20% performance increase when doing processor-intensive tasks like multitasking […]

$246 $197 inc GST