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Brateck White Birch

Industrial design with elegant white birch surface makes the riser well-harmonized everywhere and stunning from any angle. Raise your display to a comfortable and optimal viewing height to eases your back and eyes. Available in a large drawer with smooth glides-doubles your storage space and keeps organized with ease.

$54 $37 inc GST

Brateck Universal Tabletop

If you find the monitor isn’t high enough for comfortable viewing after placing on a desk, here comes the solution. STB-062 elevates the display to a more comfortable height for optimal viewing experience and helps reduce neck and eye strain. Ideal for cramped workstations and desks as it expands your work area upward, maximizing your […]

$35 $30 inc GST

Brateck Ultra-Slim Sit

Most sit-stand desktop workstations in the market are bulky and clunky in their appearance. Not only do these “dinosaurs” take up an enormous amount of desktop space, they hamper the aesthetics and interior design of any home or office work environment. LUMI’s DWS07-02 is the next evolutionary step in sit-stand desktop workstations. So thin and […]

$245 $129 inc GST