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Deepcool U Hub

Deepcool U Hub 15.6″ Notebook Cooler Hub/Stand, Aluminium Panel, 1x USB 3.0 Input, 4x USB 3.0 Out, Silver/Grey U-shaped aluminum panel providing a more spacious airflow region underneath the laptop. 3 mm-thick anodized aluminum panel with sand-blasted surface finishing to provide effective cooling during use. Ergonomic angle design to provide comfort and wrist protection. 3 […]

$26 inc GST

Deepcool N80 RGB

Deepcool N80 RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler — Compatible with 17.3″ notebooks and below. 16.7 million RGB colors LED, up to 6 illumination modes (3 dynamic modes and 3 monochrome modes), up to 8 different colors to choose from. Capacitive touch key for switching illumination modes and colors. Panel made of pure metal, significantly increased heat […]

$63 $50 inc GST

Deepcool N180 FS

Deepcool N180 FS Notebook Cooler (Up To 17″) 180mm fan to provide optimal airflow and ensure high cooling efficiency. The front panel is made of unique metal mesh design which allows efficient ventilation. It includes a USB pass-through connector to power the fan whilst not robbing you of a USB port. Comfortable, ergonomic design will […]

$26 $19 inc GST