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Toshiba 2Yrs Extended

Toshiba 2Yrs Extended Warranty Gives total 3 Years Warranty

$169 $105 inc GST

Simplecom EL808 Dimmable

Simplecom EL808 is a multifunction LED desk lamp with LCD thermometer, alarm clock and calendar. Designed for added convenience, it will remind you the time while you enjoy your working, study or reading, no miss for any date. Touch-Sensitive panel controls over power, lightness and color temperature, all done button-free on the touch-sensitive panel. EL808 […]

$45 $39 inc GST

Simplecom EL621 LED

Simplecom EL621 LED Desk Lamp with Pen Holder and Digital Clock Rechargeable EL621 is an innovative and modern design LED desk lamp for home and office. High quality and easy to use LED desk lamp which is capable of providing unique and modern feature. The innovative Pen Holder and Phone Holder design help you to […]

$54 $31 inc GST